Kazuhiro and Kouichi

So, we met up with two different groups of Chuo students because I got their Facebook and Line IDs.  And this was the first group we met.


DSCF6460So, we paid for their dinner and they thought they owed us so bought us sake, even though none of us drink.  So we gave it to Papa and Mama as a gift 😀

So, his last name is Yamada so he was excited about finding this. DSCF6461 DSCF6462<Kazuhiro(オシャレBoy)

Kouichi (カッコイイBoy> DSCF6463

DSCF6464 They were hilariousKazuhiroooo ohhh teehee wow Some group pictures ❤



We went to Chuo university and met some great people.  It was so much fun and I was given a kendama because I sucked the most.

Chuo-Off to the Zoo IMG_3626

On the way to the zoo!!!!


Group picture!!!

Chuo Zoo MeZoo shenanigans Chuo-Heh heh Chuo-Nerds Alright!

ChuoGroup picture again!

IMG_3648 They had traditional Japanese games and this was me and Courtney when I won!

IMG_3650 IMG_3652

He grabbed my iPod and we took a bunch of group pictures.  Great day!!!! ❤IMG_3656


Random Exploration!

DSCF6122 DSCF6123 DSCF6124 DSCF6125 DSCF6127 DSCF6128

Pictures of all of us waiting to Karaoke!



DSCF6233  DSCF6235

So we tried making okonomiyaki…it was a disaster, but also a lot of fun!





DSCF6331 DSCF6333

So we found an American restaurant in Kichijyoji called “Just Meet” and it was amazing.  They were playing music from the ’90s and Finding Nemo!

DSCF6335DSCF6336 DSCF6337

More fun around Tokyo….


DSCF6355 DSCF6433 DSCF6434 DSCF6436 DSCF6437 DSCF6439

So I suck. I put money into a change machine that actually turned out to be a token machine.  So we spent an hour trying to find out a way to get my money back.

IMG_3337 IMG_3338

Lost in Shinjuku again….

IMG_3341 IMG_3347

IMG_3470 IMG_3475

Tess kept stealing my iPod!

IMG_3498  IMG_3506

IMG_3582 IMG_3585 IMG_3587

We always wanted to try these after seeing them in Anime!  They were sooooo goood!  Custard Fish ❤

cuuuute         tumblr_nocjq5EZWH1u5xqj1o1_1280

We met up with some Chuo students again.  They were super fun and got to try Russian Roulette with sushi where only one was pure wasabi.





DSCF5959??????? DSCF5962

DSCF5966 Hahaha Bear Vespa! DSCF5967 DSCF5979 DSCF5994DSCF5985 We saw a wedding! DSCF5993  DSCF6003DSCF6005 DSCF6012 DSCF6190Gwen Stefani anyone? DSCF6183 Stroller for dogs, I mean, sure?  DSCF6015Kokekun!DSCF6185 DSCF6186

We followed these guys because we thought they were Yakuza.  Great idea, I know.  But they were cool greasers!

More Japan Things


DSCF6429I found this randomly stuck to something in Kichijyoji

DSCF6392 DSCF6391

My fortune from a shrine

DSCF6353 DSCF6181

A strange CD I found at Book Off, came with a tail.  And the right is the sweatshirt I bought my older brother.

DSCF6350  DSCF6226

Weird sculpture thing we found when I met my sister’s friend.  And The Beatles again!DSCF6356So cute!  Starbucksssss!  Because I need coffee everywhere I go.

DSCF6442I knew these guys from a weird cooking show I watched so I was excited. DSCF6458 Shinjuku illumination, so pretty!DSCF6466 I don’t even know…DSCF6474

DSCF6468 DSCF6470

This guy was trying to breakdance and he fell and hurt himself, so his friends just took pictures and laughed. DSCF6475 This was one of those trucks that blasts music as they drive around.

DSCF6479 Shinjuku and catssIMG_3308

IMG_3306 IMG_3307

SUNTORY BOSS!  And Ferris Bueller for some reason.

IMG_3331 IMG_3334

I almost bought the cat one but it was expensive 😦

IMG_3353 IMG_3361

Just the things you find while lost in Shinjuku!

IMG_3363 IMG_3381 IMG_3390  IMG_3408

More Engrish and my ever-growing keychain collection!

IMG_3601 IMG_3602 IMG_3606

I think these are all pretty self-explanatory

IMG_3610 IMG_3662 IMG_3663IMG_3673 IMG_3674 IMG_3676 IMG_3679And last, but not least, Engrish bento boxes 😀

Just Japan Things

I never got a chance to finish blogging/starting my blog about Tokyo, so for now I’m going to add pictures instead and describe them!  I’ll eventually finish blogging, but after no internet in China I got behind and then I was always too tired to finish in Tokyo.  Well, 行きましょ!

10407774_577372629065275_6162700042222610696_nKelly gave me a backrub!  And Anders…being Anders.

10157189_579765495492655_2851382708135749489_nWe’re hoodlums… bu dum bum psh

10891805_10204008082750634_4837288411536407372_nOne night we decided to do the guys’ hair, beautiful isn’t it?

DSCF5836Bus systemssss

DSCF6022Mmmmmm Cat ice creamDSCF6024

DSCF5890Don’t spit on the poor conductors, it’s not nice.

DSCF5887 The Beatles in Tokyo ❤

DSCF6056Ummmm, best udon shop ever!!!! In Shinjuku of course

DSCF6066 DSCF6067 DSCF6068 DSCF6069

Just some lovely Engrish

DSCF6073Nothing better than drinking melon soda while watching sumo!

DSCF6083 Anders, being Anders again.